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Lord Tricking by Kim Parson is a adventure historical romance. Sentenced to hang, Virginia is saved by a mysterious gentleman on the condition that she give him her life. She is trained in self defense and shooting  then sent to find a killer. Can she trust the man she falls in love with? now available for purchase at www.publishamerica.com , www.amazon.com, www.barnesandnoble.com  Read the review below.  First chapter at www.kimparson.20m.com

Lord Sirius, by Kim Parson is a spicy historical romance,  Blackmailing for kisses leads to some heated moments while a killer is stalking them.  Read the first chapter a www.kimparson.20m.com  join newsletter and contests while there.


Review of Lord Tricking by Kim Parson


Wed, 28 Apr 2004 10:01:07 -0500

Lord Tricking
Kim Parson
Historical romance
Available from Publish America
ISBN: 1-4137-0740-8
May 2004
Virginia Hitcheson faces the judge to hear her sentence on a murder
conviction. Accused of killing her stepfather she is sentenced to hang from
the gallows the next day. That night in the prison cell she meets a handsome
man who offers her a chance at a new life. He offers her escape from the
gallows for her services. His needs are simple. All she must do is pose as
his betrothed and she will be set free of the prison. Hesitant at first, she
agrees and signs an agreement stating that Virginia Hitcheson no longer
exists and Patricia Bachman is now her new identity. And so Patricia Bachman
becomes the betrothed of Randolph Jammond, Viscount Howell.
Once at his cottage Rand and his housekeeper Anna have the task of turning
Patricia into a lady and instructing her on what is expected of her. Though
she is an excellent student she wonders what her role is in the viscount's
unknown plot. Each time she would ask Rand he would change the subject.
With each new lesson she learned it became evident that Rand was not only
able to arouse her anger but also her passion. Rand's feelings became more
than student-pupil. When she was in the presence of other men he tended to
keep a watchful eye out for her. But it was more than just protecting his
investment, Rand was starting to fall in love with the beautiful woman.
Will Rand really admit he loves Patricia? Is Randolph J. his real name?
The title might just be a small clue. It's an interesting book with not only
romance but intrigue and a bit of mystery all rolled into it. I thoroughly
enjoyed it.
Overall rating: 4 Hearts
Sensuality rating: Mildly sensual
Reviewer: Louise Riveiro-Mitchell

When there is a blood stains on the floor and you scrub and scrub and think it is there no more. Only to discover it does return once the floor is dry. Look to your dreams for answers without lies. For there you will learn what you may wish you did not know. A truth is a story waiting to be told. Blessed Be!!

The Elements: Four basice elements, Earth, Water, Fire and Air are the components that make life.

"ThEre iS nO dEviL In the CrAft." Sandra Bullock from Practical Magic

wHAt CreAps DoWn tHe HallWay oN A dArK nIght?
If you look with an open eye you shall see.

I was visiting a friend, sitting in her dining room when I spotting a woman in a nightgown walking down her hallway, she turned and entered one of the bedroom. Who is visiting you? I asked. "No one, why? "Oh I just thought I saw someone in the hall." I said. "No we are alone." She responded. I did not tell her what I had seen. No need to frighten her. Some please cannot see these things. (True Tale told to me by a male friend.
Gambling Sachet
Burn a green candle and empower all your gathered items with luck. Use a Green cloth for the money you wish to receive cut in a circle so it cannot leave.
Place in the center a lodestone and add herbs meant to please.
Irish Moss, Rosemary and Peppermint leaves have worked for worked many chances.
Add a Violet flower to touch the delicate senses.
Sprinkle all with water and and sprinkle them with dust. You have added all the basic's with your perfect trust.
Then tie it nice and sound.
And wave it around. Allow your green candle to burn all the way down.
Carry it when you need luck.
Good luck my friend in perfect trust.
Blessed Be!!!
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